• How To Cater Your Own Wedding On A Budget
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    How To Cater Your Own Wedding On A Budget

    The first thought that comes into my head when someone says ‘How do I cater my own wedding on a budget?’ would be ‘Don’t!’. I catered my own wedding and massively regretted it. However, I did learn a lot too, so today I’m going to share with you some tips on ideas for how to cater your own wedding on a budget.

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    Why You Should Hire A Live Band For Your Wedding

    This is a contributed post When you’re planning your wedding day, choosing whether to hire a DJ or opt for a live band can be crucial. The average cost of a UK wedding is more than £30,000, so it is important to spend your money wisely. Let’s explore why choosing a live band can be the right choice for you.

  • 5 Reasons To Have A Twilight Wedding

    5 Reasons To Have A Twilight Wedding

    Not every Wedding day needs to follow the traditional conventions of the ceremony, followed by food and then a party in the evening. If you want to mix things up a bit or opt for a shorter wedding day overall, then a twilight wedding could be just what you are looking for. Here are five reasons to have a twilight wedding.

  • Wedding Catering Ideas

    10 Super Fun Wedding Catering Ideas

    While a traditional wedding breakfast usually consists of sit down meal of at least two courses, you might be looking for something a bit different. Here are 10 super fun and slightly different wedding catering ideas.

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    My Wedding Regrets

    So in hindsight, it’s easy to look back and wish we’d done things differently when it comes to our wedding. Today I thought I’d share a few of my biggest wedding regrets with you.

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    Could You Win A Wedding?

    Comping is the name given to people who like to enter lots of competitions as a hobby. Whether you’re new to comping or a seasoned pro, you might rather like the idea of trying to win your dream wedding rather than having to pay for it.

  • Tips For Choosing A Wedding Venue

    My Wedding Day

    As this is a wedding blog, I thought it was time I shared some details about my own wedding. This is post is going to take a look at the main things we bought, hired and used for our wedding such as the venue, photographer, food, dresses and suits.