25 Random Acts of Kindness For Christmas

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Christmas is fast approaching but sometimes it’s worth slowing down a little bit and appreciating all the things we already have, rather than all the things we want to buy. Yes, Christmas is a time of giving and sometimes it’s the unexpected gifts that are the best. Random acts of kindness are a great way to show you care and will hopefully bring a little bit of light and happiness into someone else’s life. We never truly know what others are going through and your small act of kindness could really help their struggle and realise there are people out there who do care.

25 Random Acts of Kindness For Christmas

1. Donate to the Local Foodbank when you shop each week in the run up to Christmas. Add treats that a struggling family might not able to afford such as advent calendars, mince pies, Christmas biscuits, Christmas pudding, nice crisps and dip and boxes of chocolates. You could also donate things like shower gel, sanitary items, washing up liquid and washing powder.

2. Leave money in a vending machine for the next person to use.

3. Send flowers to one of your neighbours anonymously.

4. Pay for the person behind yous order in Costa or Starbucks.

5. Pay for someone else’s shopping

6. Write someone a letter telling them what a good parent they are.

7. Send Christmas cards to all of your neighbours, not just the ones you know.

8. Offer to take a families picture – so often Mum or Dad end up not being in family photos as one of them is taking the picture.

9. Hand out hot drinks to homeless people on Christmas Eve.

10. Be kind to those in service jobs – yes they get paid but they are often pretty thankless tasks. Leave chocolates out for your bin men. Leave an extra nice tip for your favourite barman or waiting staff. Give flowers to your Barista.

11. Give compliments to strangers. Compliment your teacher. Your bus driver. A friend. Anyone you see today.

12. Be kind to the environment. Pick up, recycle or take home someones else’s rubbish from the park or the beach.

13. Pay the bridge or road toll for the person behind you in the queue.

14. Donate Cat and Dog food to a shelter as well as old blankets, towels and duvets, they are always in need of these.

15. Take chocolates or flowers to those working on Christmas day – NHS workers, police and carers to name just a few.

16. Tell a Mum how lovely her children are.

17. Pass on coupons or vouchers that you won’t use rather than binning them.

18. Allow friends and family to share benefits like Tastecard and Meerkat Movies.

19.  Email a teacher or mentor to let them know how much they helped you.

20. Write someone a letter telling them everything you love about them.

21. Give Blood.

22. Register to Donate your organs.

23. Leave a note in your partner or child’s lunchbox to let them know that you’re thinking of them.

24. When cooking a meal, make an extra portion for someone who will appreciate it. This could be an elderly neighbour, a homeless person or new Mum.

25. Donate flowers after a Christmas party, wedding or a funeral. Give them to friends and family or donate to a hospital or home for the elderly.

I hope these ideas inspire you to do something kind this Christmas.

25 Random Acts of Kindness For Christmas