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    Why You Shouldn’t Merge Your Finances When You Get Married

    When you get married it can be tempting merge your finances wholly and completely. What’s mine is yours. However, there are lots of reasons this isn’t a good idea. While of course both parties should contribute to the household finances and expenses, keeping your own bank account and having your own money is one of the best things you can do for yourself, your future and your marriage.

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    365 Things I love About You – List & Ideas

    365 Things I love about you is the perfect way to tell someone how you feel when you can’t quite find the words. Use these ideas as prompts and change them and personalize them as much as you like. You could write them on pieces of paper and add them to a jar so your loved one could read one every day for a year.

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    Do I Really NEED To Get Married?

    It may seem like the answer to this question is obvious. Of course, no one actually needs to get married. For some, marriage has always been the end goal, and that’s fine, but there are definitely other’s who aren’t so keen. You’ll often hear people say things like ‘It’s just a piece of paper’ or ‘We’re perfectly happy as we are’. While all of that is perfectly fine, there are a few things not being married can massively impact, including your finances.

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    Couples Finances – Why You Need a ‘F**k Off’ Fund

    When you get married, it can be tempting to combine all of your finances. Many couples use a joint account into which they pay their wages and their bills. This also makes things easier when children come along and one half of the partnership may be earning less while taking time to look after little ones.

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    Relationship Goals: Getting On The Same Page

    One thing that’s really important in relationships is making sure you’re both on the same page when it comes to your future plans and long term goals. Whether this is regarding your plans for marriage, buying a house, having children or even travel it really makes things easier when everyone is clear on what’s needed and what makes the other person tick.

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    5 Side Hustles you can do as a couple

    Setting goals as a couple can be very rewarding, especially if saving up for something that you both want, such as a wedding or a house deposit. Making Money together means you can motivate each other as you go and then enjoy the rewards together too.

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    How To Survive Working From Home As A Couple

    Many of us are now working from home due to the outbreak of Covid-19. If you’re not used to spending lots of time together during the day, it could be quite a challenging time, especially if you throw having children into the mix too. While we’ve never worked from home together, my husband and I did work together at the same business for over five years, so I am certainly aware of the difficulties it presents.