10 Fun, Quirky or Cheap First Date Ideas

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First dates are always going to be a little bit awkward – no matter how long you’ve been chatting or texting online. While meeting for a coffee or a drink is often the norm, here are a few fun and quirky first date ideas.

First dates can be pretty tricky to navigate. While casual drinks or even dinner are pretty commonplace, they can also be a very intense experience. Having something to look at or being able to move around during a first date makes some people feel much more comfortable. Here are my quirky first date ideas which are sure to give you and your date something fun to talk about as well as offering an interesting experience.

Retro Gaming Arcade

There is one of these in my hometown and honestly, I’d be well impressed if I went there on a date night. Usually, there is an entry fee and then all of the games are on Freeplay -so you get hours of gently competitive fun and you can reminisce about childhood favourite games. While it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it would certainly make for an unusual and interesting first date idea.

Cider Farm

Maybe it’s that fact I’m from an area renowned for its cider, but visiting a cider farm is a really lovely way to spend a few hours. Most have a nice cafe or pub onsite, where you can grab a drink without the pressure of that being the only thing your going to do.

Quiz Night

As an avid quizzer (yes, I’m on first-name terms with the quiz master!) I may be a little biased but I still think a quiz night makes a great first date. There’s time to chat in between the rounds but the whole evening isn’t solely focused on needing to talk to each other. Can also bring up lots of interesting chat about how you know the answer to certain questions.

National Trust Property

If crowded cafes or bars where you can’t hear yourself think aren’t your idea of fun, then heading out to a national trust property could be the answer. The history and setting should give you plenty to talk about but there’ll still be enough people around that you don’t feel too secluded. Find your nearest on the National Trust website.


Visiting an Aquarium, I find, is usually quite a relaxing experience (provided you manage to avoid any school trips) and therefore a lovely way to spend the first date. Most Aquariums only take an hour or two to walk around, it’s indoors so there’s no chance of getting wet and it’s not as full-on as visiting a zoo or safari park.

While meeting for a coffee or a drink, or even dinner is often the norm, here are a few fun and quirky first dates ideas.

Go Ape

Go Ape is probably a first date experience that won’t be for everyone – however, if you’re both pretty outdoorsy and have an adventurous side, it’s a super fun way to spend a few hours together. Go Ape is a combination of different climbing, balancing and zip-wire experience, mostly set in the tree-tops. There are over 30 locations in the U.K so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one near you.