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5 Side Hustles you can do as a couple

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Setting goals as a couple can be very rewarding, especially if saving up for something that you both want, such as a wedding or a house deposit. Making Money together means you can motivate each other as you go and then enjoy the rewards together too.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting has lots of advantages – the main one is getting paid for getting doggy cuddles and going on lovely walks. This is perfect for couples as they can share the responsibility of looking after the pet. It’s also great if you’d like a dog yourself but don’t have the time to fully commit to ownership.

And of course, it’s not just dogs either – pet sitters are needed for a multitude of different animals including cats, rabbits and even hamsters. Tailster is the UK’s biggest pet sitting website and is a great place to get started.

eBay Reselling

Although to a point you need to know what you’re doing, eBay reselling can be pretty lucrative and is perfect for taking on as a couple.

There are a few stages to eBay reselling – these are:

Sourcing stock
Photographing & listing
Packaging and Posting

All of these could be done together as a team or you could do them separately depending on your preferences and what your strengths are – for example, one of you might have a knack for photography or one of you may be better at spotting bargains in the local charity shop. One of you may have more downtime to dedicate to sourcing items resell or doing post office runs. It’s all about making it work for you as a couple an sharing in the profits when you succeed.

Matched Betting

Matched betting, put simply, is a way of taking advantage of bookmakers ‘free bet’ offers for profit. The process can seem a little complex at first, as there are several stages but once you get the hang of it it’s pretty straight forward. I’d advise watching some Matched Betting YouTube videos that clearly explain the process before getting started.

When I first tried matched betting my husband and I learned what to do together. This meant there was two of checking each calculation so less chance of error, and once were knew what we were doing, it meant one of us could place bets if the other was putting the kids to bed or out for the evening.

Some bookmakers also let you have two accounts meaning even more profit-making possibilities. These are known as ‘partner-friendly bookies’ and there’s a list on Profit Accumulator when you’re ready for this step. Profit Accumulator is matched betting software that allows you to calculate bet quickly and easily. While it is paid service, the amount you make will far outweigh the cost of subscriptions.

Matched Betting earnings are tax-free. However, this side hustle is not suitable for those that have previously had gambling issues.

Amazon FBA

Similar to reselling, Amazon FBA is a great side hustle for those who love shopping but want to make money rather than spend it all the time. Basically what you’re doing is sourcing stock for Amazon and sending it to them once you have a good number of items. Amazon then lists and sells it on your behalf – meaning less work for you and customers get benefits such as prime delivery.

Again, there is definitely a level of skill and steep learning curve involved – you’ll need to do plenty of research beforehand to ensure the items you’re buying will actually sell and you’ll be making a decent profit on them. An example of the sort of things to look out for are reduced lego sets in supermarkets and cheap box sets in charity shops. Use the Amazon seller app to check the prices they are currently selling for.

There are also lots of fees to consider – these fees (essentially Amazons cut) are much higher than eBay, for example, plus there is the cost of shipping the items to Amazon in the first place and storage fees your items don’t sell after six months. You can have items that don’t sell returned to you, or even destroyed, but again these options incur further costs. You’ll also need to store the items until you sell them so bear this in mind if you’re limited on space.


Blogging is a great side hustle to start as a couple. You can choose to write about a subject that you’re both passionate about, such as parenting, or you could decide various blogging jobs between you that play to your individual strengths. For example, one of you might be great at web design or SEO – the other might be fabulous at photography or a brilliant writer.

While it can take some time to make money from blogging, embarking on your blogging journey together will mean less work overall as you can take it in turns to do various tasks.  If you’re looking for somewhere to host your blog, I recommend Lyrical Host for fully managed hosting. Use code Inlove10 for 10% off any hosting plan.