5 Reasons To Have A Twilight Wedding

5 Reasons To Have A Twilight Wedding

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Not every Wedding day needs to follow the traditional conventions of the ceremony, followed by food and then a party in the evening. If you want to mix things up a bit or opt for a shorter wedding day overall, then a twilight wedding could be just what you are looking for. Here are five reasons to have a twilight wedding.

1. Beautiful Sunsets

5 Reasons To Have A Twilight Wedding

What could be better than getting married at sunset? Especially if you choose a beach setting where the sun can be seen setting over the waves.

Sunset creates the most magical wedding atmosphere and will make your day feel extra special.

2. Twinkling Lights

5 Reasons To Have A Twilight Wedding

Twinkling lights help create the most magical wedding atmosphere and really come into their own at Twilight when they will give an extra dimension as natural light begins to fade. You could even opt to get married underneath an arbour covered in fairy lights.

3. Shorter Wedding Day

If the thought of a long wedding day fills you with dread then a twilight wedding could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Simply get married and then party, skipping some of the more traditional steps in between.

Getting married at twilight means you can make the overall wedding day shorter and then choose which other elements you want to keep or let go of.

It might be hard to fit in everything but if you’re someone that isn’t keen on small talk or being the centre of attention then a twilight wedding certainly keeps things short and sweet but just as special.

4. Budget Friendly

Getting married at Twilight has other benefits too, such as being more budget-friendly. If you’re getting married in the late afternoon or early evening you can probably get away with only serving one meal to your guests.

You’ll also need to hire your venue and photographer for less time meaning you could see discounted rates on what they would typically charge for a full day.

A twilight wedding could mean that your guests don’t need to book a full day off work and you could consider getting married on a weekday, which is often much cheaper than getting married on a weekend.

5. Atmosphere

Personally, I think having a Twilight Wedding provides the most magical atmosphere as the sun sets and the light begins to fades and your wedding comes to life.

It’s the perfect time for twinkling lights, sparklers, lanterns and even fireworks. While you can have all of these things at a traditional wedding, I truly believe there are lots of couples a twilight wedding would be perfect for lots of couples.

How To Get Your Family on Board with a Twilight Wedding

When you stray from having a more traditional wedding day, it can sometimes be difficult to get your family on board. Lots of people have ideas of exactly how a wedding day should be and aren’t happy when the happy couple want to do something different.

Things can get especially strained if parents or other family members are contributing to the costs and feel like they should get a say in how the day goes.

Sit them down and explain all the reasons you want a twilight wedding or you feel a twilight wedding would best for your needs. Those with some medical conditions may find that a few hours rather than a full day feels like something they could manage better.

A twilight wedding also lends itself well to being less traditional and cutting things like a sit-down meal or wedding speeches. While these things are traditional there is nothing saying you have to do them. If you’re someone that suffers from anxiety then a shorter, less formal day may be one way to tackle that.