My Center Parcs Hen Do

My Center Parcs Hen Do

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Center Parcs Hen Do

Today I wanted to write about something I haven’t covered yet – my hen do! I was a bit different to the average bride as I wanted something really relaxed with just my bridesmaids and not a night out on the town.

So, we decided to head to Center Parcs Longleat for a quiet girly weekend. We booked a spa day, made reservations for dinner at a fancy restaurant and planned to just spend the weekend relaxing and enjoying the tranquility of the forest.

I know this type of hen do wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I also wanted to make it clear that your hen do (or bachelorette party) should really be about what you want to do.

While it is often organized by the maid of honour, if she’s a good friend then she should really think about what you would enjoy and not plan anything that would make you uncomfortable.

I knew getting drunk, clubbing and willy straws just wasn’t what I wanted and I really enjoyed what we did for my hen party.

Are Hen Parties Allowed At Center Parcs?

Technically Center Parcs advises that Hen Dos and Stag Dos aren’t really allowed.

Center Parcs is very family orientated and to be honest, with the prices you pay for a break there I’d be really annoyed if I was kept up by a large rowdy or drunk group, especially when visiting with young children.

However, if you’re planning a chilled spa type weekend with a few friends then it’s absolutely fine, as long as your behavior isn’t impacting the other guests.

My Center Parcs Hen Do

While we were visiting the spa there was a large group of around twelve ladies who were obviously a hen party and their noise, really dampened the spa experience for us to the point where we couldn’t relax and ended up leaving early.

Staff were continually asking them to be quiet but it didn’t really help! Personally I think they should have been ask to leave as it wasn’t just our party they were bothering. This incident aside though, we really enjoyed my Center Parcs Hen Do.

Here are some of things we did: 

  • Breakfast at the Pancake House
  • Spa Morning at Aqua Sana
  • Dinner at The Foresters Inn
  • Saturday Night Disco at The Sports Bar
  • Board Game Name Night in our Apartment
  • Swimming at the Subtropical Swimming Paradise
  • Rode on the Land Train
  • Walks around the forest and lake

My Center Parcs Hen Do

There were plenty of other paid activities we could have chosen to do but we were more than happy just spending time together, relaxing at the apartment and taking some long walks.

Our Accommodation

As there were only four of us we decided to book an apartment rather than a lodge as it was significantly cheaper and we were only going for three nights with one of our party leaving after two nights.

The apartment consisted of a double and twin room, bathroom, kitchen and living space and small balcony which had amazing views into the forest.

Center Parcs Tips

Center Parcs is a great option if you’re looking for a nice chilled hen party with a few close friends. If you’re looking for something a bit more lively then it’s probably not quite the right thing for you.

One thing we had considered was a Butlins adults only weekends which were very popular pre-pandemic and sound like a blast if you’re of a similar age to me as they do 90s and Noughties inspired weekends.

Anyway here are a few quick tips if you’re planning to head to Center Parcs soon.

  • Take as much of your own food and drink as you can, the Parc Market is super expensive. Don’t forget to you are allowed to leave and come back in if you need a top of anything while you’re there. Figure out where the nearest supermarket is before you leave (for Longleat there is a Morrison’s in Warminster about 10 minutes away)
  • Swimming after dark is great, especially in the heated outdoor pool which is beautifully lit and usually much quieter (and less full of children!) at this time of day.
  • Speak to everyone involved about their budget – Center Parcs is expensive to begin with, adding on a load of activities might be too much for some people.
  • Remember Center Parcs is a very family orientated holiday destination so if you are on a hen do or stag do try to bear this in mind.