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Could You Win A Wedding?

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Comping is the name given to people who like to enter lots of competitions as a hobby. Whether you’re new to comping or a seasoned pro, you might rather like the idea of trying to win your dream wedding rather than having to pay for it.

Could You Win A Wedding?

When it comes to competitions, someone has to win. So why couldn’t it be you? The more competitions you enter, the more likely you are to win.

The great thing about wedding competitions is the pool of entrants is often smaller, meaning you have a higher chance of winning. There’s also more chance of you winning local competitions than national ones, again as there are fewer entrants overall.

To increase your chances of winning your dream wedding further, try to find wedding competitions where a little bit of effort is required on your part.

This could be dressing up for silly pictures, writing a poem about your other half, maybe evening designing your dream dress. These types of competition often have far fewer entries, as people simply can’t be bothered to put in the effort.

While you’re never guaranteed to win, comping can be a fun and relaxing hobby. And there’s nothing to say you just have to enter the wedding competitions, you could enter lots of other giveaways while you’re at it!

Why Do Venues Give Away Weddings?

Venues often give away whole weddings as a sort of publicity or marketing stunt and there are lots of reasons it works. Firstly, it can increase their social media following and engagement with lots of likes, shares and new follows.

It helps the venue get their name out there to a wider audience and couples may view and book the venue even if they don’t win the competition. Collecting details from couples can also allow the venue to sent special offers which may encourage them to book.

It is a great way for venues to get some fantastic press coverage too.

Where To Find Bridal Giveaways

Even if you don’t win an entire wedding, there are lots of other things you could try to win – from your wedding cake to your transportation.

There are lots of places to find wedding competitions. I like to use the hashtags #win and #competion on Twitter and I use several comping Facebook groups as well. If you’re part of lots of wedding groups on Facebook you may find small businesses advertise their competitions there as well as their services.

Here are some websites where you can find wedding and other competitions: 

Money Saving Expert


Competition Database

Super Lucky Me

A Few Final Things To Remember

  • Before you start comping, it’s best to set up a new email address just for doing competitions. Personally, I have a separate Twitter profile I use too.
  • While comping is a fun hobby, it should be just that, FUN! It could be worth setting a cut off date for when you’ll start to book or buy the things you would like to or have been trying to win.
  • There are scam competitions out there. Check the company is legit by looking for blue ticks on social media, competition terms and conditions and a clear end date. It’s also worth noting how the winner will be contacted.
  • If you’re not having much luck finding wedding competitions, then you could try entering competitions to win cash to pay for your wedding, holidays that could be your honeymoon or Jewellery to give as gifts or to wear yourself on the day.
  • Check the terms of the competition so you are clear about what it does and doesn’t cover. For example, some venues may stipulate the wedding has to be midweek or can’t be in July or August which are the most popular wedding months.