12 Ideas For A Yellow Wedding Theme

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Are you thinking about a yellow wedding theme? From mustard to lemon there a shade of yellow to suit everyone and this bright sunshine colour will definitely brighten up your wedding day.

Why Choose A Yellow Wedding Theme?

Yellow symbolises hope, positivity and happiness all things which make it a perfect colour choice for your wedding. It also goes well with lots of colours, so you can tone it down a little if you want the yellow theming to be a bit more subtle.

1. Yellow Bridesmaids Dresses

Four ladies wearing yellow dresses and holding bunches of white flowers. In the middle of them is the bride who is wearing a white dress and also hold a bouquet of white flowers.

Image by Emmanuel Meungura from Pixabay

The first and most obvious way to incorporate yellow into your wedding is to choose yellow bridesmaids dresses.

While you could of course wear a yellow dress yourself, this would probably b a little bit over the top with a yellow colour theme as well.

The dresses pictured above are a lovely mustard shade, which stops them from being too bright. Pastel shades are often popular choices for bridesmaids dresses, look for shades of lemon to go with a yellow theme.

2. Yellow Buttonholes

Man wearing a blue suit with a yellow flower pinned to the button hole

Photo by Tom Kulczycki on Unsplash 

It’s not just the bridesmaids that can join in with the yellow theme, the groom and groomsmen can get in on the action too. I love this buttonhole which both rustic yet bright and playful at the same time.

3. Yellow Ties & Braces

Photo by  Darling Arias on Unsplash 

Continuing the themes of Grooms wearing yellow, ties and braces are another way they can join in with the yellow theme. Whether it’s bright and bold (with spots) like the image above, pastel lemon or a deep shade of mustard, ties look great in yellow.

Tie in even further with matching pocket squares and even matching socks!

4. Yellow Wedding Cake Inspiration

Yellow cake with white meringue kisses and small rosemary flowers

Photo by Andrea Lightfoot on Unsplash

The wedding cake is one area couples like to go all out, and there are plenty of ways to include your yellow wedding theme here too.

First of all, you could choose an all yellow wedding cake like the one above. I love its stunning simplicity and the addition of fresh rosemary makes it chic yet a little rustic too.

White cake on a cakestand with cupcakes underneath featuring blue and yellow flowers and a couples hand reaching in to cut the cake

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Cupcakes are a popular choice for many couples as generally speaking they are cheaper and easier to serve on the day than a traditional tiered cake. I love how this incorporates yellow elements without the need to go all out with the food colouring!

Black and white stripped cake with yellow flowers adorning the sides

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

This cake certainly stands out and has a huge amount of wow factor. The yellow really pops against the black and white stripes. This would be perfect if you’re looking for a non-traditional style of wedding cake.

Wood wedding couple a top a white cake with yellow daffodills.

Photo by James Orr on Unsplash

How sweet is this? I love the little wooden wedding figures and the daffodils easily include the yellow wedding theme.

Cake toppers of all shapes and sizes are great to add a touch of colour to your cake but also to include a bit of personality too. At my own wedding, I had a Jack and Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas) topper made from wood.

5. Incorporate Yellow Into Your Wedding Bouquet

Bridal bouquet featuring yellow and blue flowers

Photo by James Orr on Unsplash

The bride’s bouquet is one of the easiest places to include the yellow wedding theme, as there are plenty of yellow flowers to choose from whether you’re haveing fresh flowers or an artificial bouquet. 

If this is something you plan to do, discuss it with your florist as early as possible as she’ll be able to tell you which flowers are in season and available around your wedding date.

Some yellow flowers include: 

  • Roses
  • Daffodils
  • Sunflowers
  • Pansy
  • Dahlia
  • Begonia
  • Ranunculus

6. Sunflowers As A Photograph Backdrop

Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash

If you want to take your yellow wedding theme to the next level then getting photographed in a field full of Sunflowers could be an amazing way to go.

However, it will probably take some organising. The sunflower field will need to be nearish to your venue, you’ll need to get permission from the owner and you’ll need a means of getting there. Also, this is pretty seasonal, as big fields full of sunflowers typically only last for around eight weeks. Luckily that’s usually in July and August when most people choose to have their wedding.

Photo by Ivan Cabañas on Unsplash

Of course, if it’s not something you’re able to fit in on the day, you could also get booked up for a separate photoshoot after your wedding to take advantage of the beautiful blooms.

7. Yellow Themed Wedding Table Center Pieces

One of the easiest ways to include yellow in your wedding theme is to add it to your centrepieces. Just like with your bouquet, yellow flowers look bright and beautiful and there are lots of different kinds to choose from depending on the time of year you’re getting married.

Vase of bright yellow flowers tied with a blue ribbon on a blue and white tablecloth surounded by glasses and napkins

Yellow and blue make a lovely colour combination, as seen in the image above. The yellow really stands out against the white napkin and the addition of hessian and the large round log give a slightly rustic feel.


Photo by Brock Wegner on Unsplash

Personally, I love sunflowers. They just give off such a happy, summer vibe and that is the way you would want tofeel at any wedding. Here they have been paired with lavender which works wells as a wedding flower for it’s lovely smell and subtle colour.

Long table with glasses and white plactes with a bunch of flowers in the middle with yellow red and purple colours

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

While sunflowers are associated with summer, this floral centrepiece has a more Auntumal vibe as the yellow roses have been paired with deeps reds and purples.


Bunch of flowers featuring yellow, purple and blue blooms on a mirror with wine glasses in the foreground

Photo by Luigi Pozzoli on Unsplash

I love this beautiful display of wildflowers which would make a lovely wedding centrepiece, especially if you’ve chosen these colours as part of your theme. The mirror can help reflect light and colour and makes a great addition to the centre of the table.

Image by Terri Cnudde from Pixabay

These roses are a bold, yet simple choice. The choice of blue patterned tableware shows how yellow and blue make a wonderful colour combination for a wedding.

wedding table covered with candles, glasses and yellow rosepetals.

Photo by Vincent Ghilione on Unsplash

If big floral displays aren’t really to your taste then a simple sprinkling of yellow rose petals is a simple yet classy way to incorporate your yellow wedding theme into your tables.

Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash

This bouquet is simply stunning and would work as a table centrepiece or as the bride’s bouquet. The greens, yellows, oranges and whites all compliment each other perfectly and I love the little touch of gold on the vase.

8. Yellow Wedding Decor

Wedding Decor is another place to add yellow to wedding. I’ve come with a range of suggestions below but there are probably lots of other ways you could include it too, such as using yellow confetti.

Bride and Groom kissing in front of two white chairs, one of which has a yellow sash around the top.

Photo by Alejandro Ramirez on Unsplash

As you can see from the above image, organza chair covers (also sometimes called sashes) are a fantastic way to incorporate colour into your wedding. If you think covering every chair might be too much (or too costly) you could opt for every other chair instead.

Depending on your venue, they may already have decorations in various colours that you can choose to use if you would like to. If you do end up buying, consider selling on after your wedding to help recoup some of the costs.

Image by mamir_k94 from Pixabay

Is any celebration complete without balloons? This is an easy way to add colour to your wedding and balloons are available in so many colours it shouldn’t be too hard to find some to match whatever shade of yellow you have chosen.

If you can, choose bio-degradable balloons that won’t cause harm to the environment should they blow away. You can find more tips on How To Have A Sustainable Wedding here. 

White and yellow striped straws in glass bottles

Photo by Bogomil Mihaylov on Unsplash

They say it’s all in the details and these yellow and white striped straws are the perfect example of how even the smallest little touches can be used to tie in with your colour theme.

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay 

How lovely is this? I love the use of daffodil bunches as place names. The bright yellow flowers work with the more subtle yellow napkins, and as the bulbs are still attached I assume guest could take them home and plant them as a reminder of your special day.

9. Wedding TransportYellow VW Campervan parked on a cliff top overlooking the ocean.
Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Take your yellow wedding theme to the max by using yellow wedding transport. While yellow cars may not be the easiest to come across it certainly would make a statement on your wedding day!

10. Create A Yellow Wedding Cocktail

Two glasses of lemonade on tray with lemons and yellow flowers in the background.

Photo by Charity Beth Long on Unsplash

It’s actually pretty trendy nowadays for couples to create their own signature wedding drink, especially in the USA where a cocktail hour is common after the main ceremony.

As there are plenty of lovey yellow fruits, it’s pretty easy to come up with a yellow drink to tie in with your yellow wedding theme. Don’t forget to come up with a non-alcoholic version for those that don’t drink alcohol and that any children present to enjoy too.

11. Shoes and Bouquet


I really love how subtle the yellow is in this bouquet shoe combination, tieing everything together nicely without being over the top. Adding a splash of light yellow here and there is great way to add colour and stick with your theme without it becoming overwhelming.

12. Napkins and Wedding Favours

I love how this bright yellow theme makes a really bold statement, especially when paired with just white and no other colours. The sunshine yellow of napkins provides a proper wow moment and the favours have been tied in to the theme as well, all finished with the small yellow table confetti flowers.

There we have it. Twelve awesome ways to incorporate yellow into your wedding!