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Making Money After Your Wedding

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If you’re feeling the post-wedding or honeymoon blues there are a few ways you can cheer yourself up. If money is tight then you could consider making some money from your wedding – this could include anything from selling item on to other brides to starting a wedding blog. You could then use the money to treat yourself and your partner to a mini-break or spa day. It will also give you something to focus on if you’re missing the planning side of things.

How to Make Money After your Wedding

After my wedding, I was lucky enough to have a few months until our honeymoon – meaning there was something to focus on and get excited about. Following that, we had a big trip planned for my 30th birthday, so there was organizing that needed to be done for that too, so post-wedding blues wasn’t something I ever really experienced.

However, I know things can feel really flat for a lot people, so finding something else to do can really help.

Sell Anything You Don’t Need

As weddings get more expensive, most people are DIYing as much as they possibly can. While this still involves spending, you’re still forking out considerably less money than you would be paying a wedding supplies company.

Recoup that money further by selling anything you’ll no longer need to another bride to be. You’ll make money, they’ll save money and it’s great for the environment too.

Also, I’m not suggesting you sell everything associated with your wedding – if there are items you don’t want to part with, that’s fine. While I did sell a lot of our wedding ‘stuff’ I kept my dress and veil and plenty of other sentimental bits and bobs. Things I sold included cups and saucers from our afternoon tea, signs and decorations, bunting and so on.

Top Places to sell your unwanted wedding Items

Car Boot Sale/tabletop sale.

Selling your Skills

If you loved the DIY side of your wedding, this is something you could think about turning into a side hustle to earn some extra cash. This could be anything, from floristry to cake decorating and everything in between. You could even try your hand at freelance wedding planning.

Tables laid with flower for a wedding

While these might sound tempting, it is worth doing some research beforehand to ensure there is a demand for them in your area and to make sure you don’t need any particular certifications (for example anyone handling food would need a food safety certificate).

Sell Your Giftcards

If you were given a lot of gift vouchers for your wedding that won’t use or are worried will go out of date before you do use them, could be the answer. They buy and sell gift cards – meaning you could exchange yours for cash if you’re happy to lose some of the face value. If you’ve been given loads for different places, but would rather have cash to spend on one thing, like a holiday, then this is the best way to do that.

Start a wedding blog

I love blogging but it can be a massive learning curve and usually takes time to make money from. However, if weddings are something you feel you can remain passionate about, then starting a wedding blog could be a good way to go. You could create tutorials for any craft projects you tried, review suppliers or even create content around saving money. Blogging forces you to learn lots of skills such as photography, SEO, social media management and much, much more and these skills could earn you money in the future too. If you’re looking for somewhere to host your blog, I recommend Lyrical Host for fully managed hosting. Use code ‘Inlove10’ for 10% off any hosting plan.

Sell unwanted gifts

People do tend to be pretty averse to the idea of selling unwanted gifts, but if you’ve been given lots of the same thing or items that you won’t use then selling is a great way to make money and stop them cluttering up your house.