wedding planning stress.

4 Tips for Managing Your Wedding Planning Stress

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Planning a wedding can be super stressful and in all honesty, planning my own wedding is probably one of the most stressful things I have ever done. This post takes a look at four tips for managing your wedding planning stress.

It’s totally normal to feel stress in the run-up to your wedding. There is usually so much going on as well as the stresses that occur in normal everyday life too. This can often be compounded by relatives being difficult or arguments between the bridesmaids.

Tips to Manage Stress and Stay on Track with Your Planning

1. Find a wedding planner or an event planner to take some responsibility off your plate

One of the best ways to ensure your wedding day goes off without a hitch is to find an event planner to take some responsibility off your plate. Wedding planners and event planners can help with everything from decorations and seating to logistics.

A wedding planner will set up all the details of your special day, making sure everything is perfect before you walk down the aisle. They will also help you figure out what needs to happen before, during, and after the wedding ceremony and reception. Event planners are responsible for setting up all kinds of events: business meetings, conferences, conferences, birthday parties, weddings – you name it!

2. Make a detailed timeline of your wedding day and keep it somewhere you can access easily on the go or at home overnight (i.e. Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook)

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. As you begin to make your list of tasks, you might discover that there is more than one person in charge of the event.

To avoid any confusion or miscommunication, it is a good idea to keep a timeline of the day’s events on hand and make sure everyone who needs ones has one. This could include but isn’t limited to the following people:

  • Wedding planner
  • Caterer
  • Officiant / Vicar
  • Groom
  • Best Man
  • Bride
  • Bridesmiad
  • Mother of the Bride / Groom

wedding planning stress.

3. Establish a system for staying organized (i.e., colour-coding files, reminders set in your phone)

No one wants to spend their whole day trying to figure out where they put their phone charger, what they need to bring for work tomorrow, or where the papers are for that meeting.

The same is true when you’re wedding planning. There’s so much to think about; when to pay vendors, sticking to the budget, keeping track of RSVPs, liaising with the venue and so on.

It can be hard to keep track of all these things in your head. Instead, try establishing a system for staying organized – for example, colour-coding your files with different colours so you know exactly which one covers budgets and which one is the seating plan.

Take pictures on your phone so you can refer back to things when you don’t have your file. Keep a separate folder in your emails just for wedding-related stuff.

4. Take time for yourself every day and invest in yourself outside of wedding planning (take care

You should always take time for yourself, no matter what. Enjoying a hobby or spending time with friends and family will make you feel better and help your stress levels.

If wedding planning feels like it’s getting too much, take a break or step back. You could even plan a mini weekend getaway with your partner where any wedding talk is banned – just relax and enjoy each others company before the big day.

There are also plenty of ways to destress in everyday life.

1. Take 5 minutes every day to do something you like, like taking a bath or playing with your dog.

2. Take 10 minutes every day to work out at the gym or go for a run outside

3. Spend 1 hour every day reading or watching your favourite programme in peace.

Just remember, all the stress will be over soon, you’ll have you magical day and a lifetime of happy memories to look back on.