My Wedding Regrets

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So in hindsight, it’s easy to look back and wish we’d done things differently when it comes to our wedding. Today I thought I’d share a few of my biggest wedding regrets with you.

There are definitely some things I regret about our wedding. As well things that went wrong on the day, I also have some regrets about how we spent our wedding budget and the things we bought.

I also realize this is totally first world problems. We were lucky enough to have an amazing wedding, I got to marry my partner in front of our friends and family (despite the rain!).

But I do think it helps to share these thought incase you’re wondering about your own wedding and maybe thinking of ditching the fancy dress for something simpler or wanting something but not wanting to spend the money.

My Wedding Dress

While I did love my wedding dress, since I got married I’ve become a passionate advocate for slow fashion. One thing I really wish I’d done is made more effort to purchase a second-hand wedding rather than buying one new.

I would have saved a lot of money, it would have been better for the environment and I wouldn’t feel quite so guilty about the fact it’s currently sat in my attic. I think the fact it was such as extravagant purchase means I’m having a hard time letting go of it although, I know deep down that from an environmental point of view selling or donating would be the best thing to do.

Our Wedding Band/Music

When it came to our wedding music I’ll admit we ended up in a bit of a panic. The first person we hired cancelled. Our second choice also cancelled after not realizing how far away from our home town our wedding was going to be.

Finding a good band that were happy to travel and provide what we wanted was proving tricky. In the end we hired a Swing Band from South Wales. While they were fab on the night, our wedding was small and very few our guests ended up on the dance floor apart from during our first dance.

The price we paid for them was totally justified but looking back it was so much money when a local DJ probably would have been okay.

Taking On Too Much DIY

One of the thing we loved about our wedding venue is that it was completely DIY. While this meant doing everything ourselves (or hiring whoever we wanted) we took on far too much and found it very stressful.

So many little things went wrong that overall just added up to a whole lot of stress. It also meant the day before, day after and morning of the wedding was spent doing what felt like an endless number of tasks. I was in the kitchen making food when the hair dresser arrived to do my hair!

I honestly wish we’d spent more money hiring people to at least do more the food and drink and hired people to help with clean up afterwards too. That said, many of family and friends adored our wedding and said it felt very relaxed due to there not being staff around watching their every move.