There is a huge market out there for second-hand wedding dresses so I've put together a list of places to sell your wedding dress. 

8 Places To Sell Your Wedding Dress

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Have you been thinking about selling your wedding dress? There is a huge market out there for second-hand wedding dresses so I’ve put together a list of places to sell your wedding dress.

There are plenty of reasons you might be thinking about selling your wedding dress. After all, it’s fairly unlikely you’ll wear it again and they can take up a lot of room when it comes to storage.

Allowing your dress a second lease of life is great for the environment too and there are plenty of brides who are looking for a bargain dress.

Other reasons to sell your wedding dress might include wanting to make some extra cash towards your honeymoon or because you bought a dress and then changed your mind or bought a different style.

What To Think About When Selling Your Wedding Dress

There are lots of things you should consider before selling your wedding dress.

Wedding dresses can be hugely sentimental and I know some people like to keep them to pass onto their daughters or even granddaughters.

There was actually a trend for this happening last year including Princess Beatrice who wore a dress and tiara belonging to her Grandmother the queen.

Some people also like to use part of their wedding dress to create a Christening gown for their child.

There is a huge market out there for second-hand wedding dresses so I've put together a list of places to sell your wedding dress. 

Even if you do feel ready to let go of your dress, it is worth remembering you likely won’t get anything close to what you paid for it, especially if you bought new. You’ll also need to factor in the cost of fees if selling through a platform like eBay.

While it’s likely the buyer will cover postage costs, if they want to use a courier, for example, this added expense might lower the price they are willing to pay for a second-hand dress.

What To Do Before Selling Your Wedding Dress

As with selling anything, there are some things you’ll need to do before getting started and these should ensure you get the best price.

First up, consider getting your dress dry cleaned if you haven’t already. While this is an added expense, a dress that looks like it’s in immaculate condition will sell for far more than one that has any dirt.

Before listing, take a really good look over your dress and make a note of any damage or faults. It’s really important to be honest about these when selling, even if it’s just a few missing beads or a small area of damaged lace.

Take plenty of photographs of the dress from all angles and in good light. Buying a wedding dress is such a huge thing for the buyer, so show them as much as you possibly can, including pictures of the dress on yourself or a mannequin.

While your dress is out, make a note of the size, colour and brand and write all these down ready for when you list it. This can also help you find an original picture or link to the dress which could help it sell.

8 Places To Sell Your Wedding Dress

Here are 10 places to sell your wedding dress. I’ve tried to look at the pros and cons of each platform including audience size and fees.


eBay probably has the biggest audience of all the sites listed so is probably the best place to start when it comes to selling your wedding dress.

However, there are the fees to consider and Paypal fees too. It’s also worth noting that should any issue arise, eBay are known for siding with the buyer so this is where I think it pays to be really honest about any damage or imperfections on the dress.

You’ll also need to think about whether to list the dress as an auction or as buy it now for a set price.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is probably one of the best places to try and sell your dress although do be aware you can get quite a few time wasters when listing there.

No fees means you’ll get the full price for your wedding dress and as Facebook Marketplace tends to focus on local sales you may find someone local who’s happy to collect rather than having to worry about posting. If you have time you could even agree to let people view the dress before buying.

As well as using the dedicated Marketplace on Facebook there are also hundreds of wedding buy and sell groups. I think these groups are one of the best places to try to sell your wedding dress as you have an engaged wedding-related audience and some of the groups have upwards of 100k members so you should get a good amount of interest.

You could also put on a post out on your personal Facebook profile with your listing so more people will see it.


Vinted is currently my personal favourite place to shop online for second-hand clothing for myself and I’ve seen plenty of wedding dresses being sold on there too.

With Vinted, the buyer pays the fees when purchasing an item which means you could get more money for your dress.

However, as a wedding dress is such an expensive item to begin with, there may be a limit on how much a buyer is prepared to pay in fees, which are between 5-8% of the item cost.


Depop is another app that can be used for selling clothes. It’s pretty popular, especially with the under thirties. Depop charges a 10% fee on all sales so do bear that in mind when selling.

While Depop might not have quite the target audience you’re looking for, you can always list items in more than one place to increase your chances of making a sale.


Shpock is another great place to buy and sell second-hand items and I’ve bought and sold on there quite a bit myself.

Like with Vinted, the buyer is charged a buyer protection fee when purchasing an item that needs shipping. Items that are being collected are not subject to this charge.

While Depop and Vinted are focused on selling clothes (although there are other items for sale) Shpock covers all sorts of items so I do think it’s less likely people would look for a wedding dress.

That said, it’s worth listing your dress in as many places as you can for the widest reach.


Gumtree is a free classified website where you can list items for sale, including wedding items such as wedding dresses. Personally, I find it tends to be used by older people or those doing large house clearances but it’s still somewhere to consider when you want to sell your wedding dress.

There is a huge market out there for second-hand wedding dresses so I've put together a list of places to sell your wedding dress. 


Instagram probably isn’t the first place you think of when it comes to selling your wedding dress but it could worth a try. I’ve recently seen lots of second-hand clothing pages popping up on Instagram so there’s not reason you couldn’t add your wedding dress.

Remember to use lots of hashtags such as #weddingdressforsale to help get your dress seen.


Preloved is another classified site that I always associate with wedding buying and selling as it was a really popular choice for brides when I was arranging my own wedding back in 2016. There are no fees for selling on preloved so you’ll keep the full price of selling your wedding dress.

Places To Sell Your Wedding Dress – Final Thoughts

There are a couple of other options you could try if you don’t have any luck selling your dress.

Some wedding dress shops offer a buy-back service where they will buy your dress and then they sell it on to brides looking for second hand. This service isn’t particularly common though so it might take some research or shops may only buy from you if you bought from them in the first place.

Another option could be to donate your dress. There are charities that need dresses for terminally ill brides and also places like Oxfam that sells pre-loved dresses to make money for charity.