Wedding first dance tips

Wedding First Dance Tips

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The First Dance: Top Tips to Help Create the Perfect Moment

The first dance at your wedding can be a daunting experience for those not so keen on being in the spotlight or who a nervous about dancing in front of other people. Here are some first dance tips that should help calm those nerves and help you relax and enjoy that special moment.

Introduction: What is a Wedding First Dance?

The first dance is an important milestone when it comes to wedding celebrations. It’s often the moment when the bride and groom finally get to be alone on the dance floor, and for this reason, it’s usually a romantic song that they share with each other.

It is an important tradition that symbolizes two people coming together in wedded bliss.

So, it’s only natural that the first dance be a moment for tears, laughter and joy.

Some couples like to perform their own creative choreography and others prefer an easier option; simply swaying to the music in an embrace.

The first dance at my own wedding was actually one of my favourite moments of the day. We didn’t do anything fancy or choreographed, we just sort of swayed together and enjoyed the music.

The song we had chosen was ‘Listen To The Man’ by George Ezra (it’s less misogynistic than it sounds, I promise) and I really wanted our first dance to be to live music, so we asked the band we’d chosen to learn and rehearse it ready for our big day (we paid a lot extra for this FYI!).

While we were dancing lots of friends and family joined us on the dancefloor and it was just such a lovely moment.

First Dance Etiquette And Traditional Behaviors

Thanks to a combination of modern technology and a desire to preserve traditions, couples can enjoy their first dance in several different ways. The traditional dance is the most popular option for many couples.

The modern option is also very popular, but not because it offers a break from tradition. It’s actually quite the opposite because it offers a way to combine both traditional and modern ideas together in one dance. I’m of course talking about couples that chose to a choreographed dance, sometimes with other members of the bridal party getting involved!

Your First Dance Tips and Advice

Your first dance is a momentous occasion. It’s a time to celebrate how far you have come with that special person, and to have some fun!

Here are some tips on planning your first dance, from finding the perfect song to practising your moves.

1) Select a song that you both enjoy – it needs to be something you’ll both love for years to come and should reflect a type of music you both like.

2) Practice. Even if you’re only planning on a gentle sway, you’ll feel so much more confident if you’ve already done it a few times.

3) Brides, take your dress and shoes into consideration when planning your first dance, especially if it’s something a little more energetic. Will you need to change your shoes? Remove your veil? All worth planning ahead of time so you can be ready when the moment comes.

4) Ditch the dance completely. Feeling nervous? Hate the idea of people watching you dance? While a first dance is traditional, there is nothing that says you have to have one. I didn’t have a dance with my Dad at my wedding because it just wasn’t our thing.

5) Another option, if you’re feeling nervous, is to make sure everyone else joins you on the dancefloor. Ask your DJ to announce that the happy couple has requested everyone joins them in their first dance. Having people around should make you feel less watched.

Should I Take Dance Lessons?

You could take dance lessons but in my opinion, unless you’re planning something spectacularly choreographed then it’s probably not worth it.

It’s also another thing to pay for and fit in in the run-up to the wedding which can already be a busy and stressful time.

Conclusion: What You Need To Know About The Wedding First Dance

The wedding first dance is often the most memorable moment of the reception and generally speaking doesn’t happen until all of the evening guests have arrived.

This is usually the last part of the day your photographer will stay for along with the cutting of the cake (depending on which order you do things in). Of course, some photographers do stay later but most are happy to let you get on with partying without the worry of it being caught on camera.

You can literally choose any song you like. Fast, slow, rock, R’n’B, classical there are no limits as long as it’s special to you and your partner. If you have a DJ or band you may just want to check in with them first to make sure they have it or can play it.

Most of all, remember to relax and enjoy the moment. The first dance often marks the end of the more formal part of the day. Speeches are done, food has been served and everyone is starting to enjoy the party. Savour that moment of all your hard work coming together and most of all celebrating your love for your new spouse.