Wedding Money – Where I wish we’d spent more and Less

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Weddings can be incredibly expensive, with the average wedding in the UK costing over £20k. Sometimes it can be hard to see just where all or your money is going or whether you’re spending your money on the right things.

While my own wedding came in at £12,000 there are definitely areas I think we could have spent less money. I also think there some areas we should have spent more money. One of the biggest problems with our wedding, as lovely as it was, we took on far too much DIY and the splurged the money we saved on things that looking back now, we shouldn’t have.

Where I wish we’d spend less:

The Band

Both my husband and I really wanted live music at our wedding, rather than having a DJ. Initially, we had a singer/guitarist booked but he had to cancel due to other commitments.

Our second choice of band (a friend of mine) was unfortunately unavailable. So we panicked a bit and ended booking a professional swing band. While they were fab they were very expensive, over £1000 with travel and other costs factored in for two hour-long sets and an hour and a half of party tunes just liked a DJ would have played.

We had quite a small wedding and hardly anyone danced while they were playing so looking back it just seems like a colossal waste of money.

The little extras

There are so many little things I bought for our wedding which seemed important at the time but probably just weren’t worth it such as bubbles, homemade photo booth, toiletries for the loos.

Where I wish we’d spent more:


I decided to cater my own wedding breakfast. I’d been a chef for many years and we had an afternoon planned so I thought it would be easy to prep. A lady I worked with at the time offered to help with organisation and as the cakes and scones were made it was just a case of making sandwiches and getting everything on cake stands. It was only for 40 people so not too crazy.

Unfortunately, she was four hours late getting to the venue due to getting stuck behind a bad car accident on the way there. I spent the last two hours before our wedding buttering bread and moving cakes around! One of those things I guess but I really wish we’d got professionals in!

The Bar

We also bought the drink for and then ran the bar ourselves. While this probably did save us money overall the stress it caused just wasn’t worth it at all. Sometimes saving money isn’t the easiest way of doing things and this is definitely something we learned while wedding planning.

While this post may seem quite negative there are lots of things I’m glad we spend money on. Our photographer came in at £750 and was worth every penny. I absolutely believe you should spend as much as you can afford on photos and a wedding video as years down the line they are the main thing you’ll have to look back on.

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