Wedding Trends For 2021

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Now we’re well into the new year I’m looking ahead to see what trends are emerging for 2021 and what we can expect couples to be doing with their weddings this year.

While many couples were expecting things to be back to normal by now, Coronavirus restrictions will continue to have a huge impact on weddings and some of the wedding trends we will see emerging this year.

With as many as 70% of weddings cancelled last year, many couples will have their fingers crossed that restrictions will be lifted in time for their big day and that they’ll be allowed to celebrate in style.

In turn, this will have had an impact on how couples choose to celebrate their big day – from smaller intimate weddings to big, extravagant blowouts and budget-friendly weekday weddings.

Get Married Now – Party Later

For couples that may have had to cancel their wedding more than once, this may seem like a great option. Have a small, intimate wedding with two witnesses so they are officially married and then hold a big party later on when restrictions are lifted.

While whether this is allowed will depend on where you live in the U.K, it is a great idea. It allows the couple something to look forward too while still getting to celebrate their nuptials at a later date, where they could create the ceremony using a celebrant or family member.

Live Streaming

Live streaming weddings is set to become a popular choice this year. Even when restrictions are lifted, we have no idea how long it’ll take until things are completely normal and therefore guests could still be unable to attend, especially those who live abroad.

It’s also a great choice if you have friends and family who are unable to attend due to health or work reasons or if you’ve chosen a smaller ceremony and are limiting guest numbers.

No Destination Weddings

It’s likely destinations weddings will be off the cards until travel restrictions are fully lifted, especially if you have guests that’ll be flying in from different parts of the world.

Weekday Weddings

With so many weddings cancelled last year and many brides and grooms having already booked for 2021 there could well end up being a huge demand for some of the most popular wedding venues.

This could lead to a rise in the number of weekday weddings as venues try to accommodate everyone. Weekday weddings are a fab choice as they are often cheaper than weekend weddings and could be popular among those who have their finances impacted by the pandemic.

Big, extravagant Weddings

Having waited so long for their big day, some couples may choose to go all out now when it comes to their wedding. Postponements could mean they’ve had time to save more money to put towards a big extravagant celebration which will include everyone they know.

After not being able to see friends and family for so long, this could be seen as a brilliant anecdote to lockdown blues.

Small Intimate Weddings

Completely different to above, with more time to think, we may see couples that have decided to abandon the big celebration for a more intimate ceremony and reception with just their closest family and friends present.

Those that might have been keeping things big to keep others happy, may now have the confidence to admit they want small simple and are all the happier for it.

A few more 2021 trends to look out for:

  • Extravagant Lighting: Lighting choices for weddings are set to remain big and bold with amazing lighting arrangements and walls of twinkling lights.
  • Eco Weddings: Weddings with a smaller carbon footprint are becoming more popular with a focus on less plastic are local produce.
  • Pastel Colours:  Pastel colours have always been popular for weddings and this is set to continue well into 2021.