There is absolutely no denying that weddings are expensive. If you're recently engaged and baulking at how much everything is going to cost, then you might want to consider starting a few side hustles to help pay for your wedding.

10 Side Hustles To Help Pay For Your Wedding

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There is absolutely no denying that weddings are expensive. If you’re recently engaged and baulking at how much everything is going to cost, then you might want to consider starting a few side hustles to help pay for your wedding.

One thing I feel pretty strongly about is that couples shouldn’t get into debt for their wedding. It’s just not worth it for one day and it can have a big impact on your future, especially when it comes to applying for a mortgage or facing a drop in income should you decide to have children.

Starting a side hustle can be a great way to make some extra cash which could then go some way to funding parts or even all of your wedding. Of course, this will depend on which side hustles you choose and how much free time you have to dedicate to them.

While of course, you could always ask for overtime at your main job, I find having something creative or different to do can be much more enjoyable.

Here are some side hustles that could help pay for your wedding

Petting Sitting / Dog Walking

Pet sitting and dog walking a great side hustles which are made even better by the fact you can do them as a couple.

If you don’t have the time to commit to owning a dog then getting paid to look after someone else’s is a great way to experience pet ownership within the limited time you do have.

People often build a bond with the owners as well as the pets, meaning lots of recurring work when the pet owners are away on holiday. Try Tailster to get started.

Tax Free Side Hustle: Matched Betting

Matched Betting isn’t gambling. It’s a way of taking advantage of bookmaker offers to ensure you get a profit every time.

Sounds too good to be true right? As long as you follow the instructions carefully, you shouldn’t lose any money. Human error can happen though so do bear that in mind when getting started, take things slowly.

Matched betting can take a little while to learn and get the hang of. You also need some money to get started with – between £60 and £100.

I’m not going to go into all of the details here as while it’s something I’ve done in the past, I’m definitely not an expert. That said, it is definitely a legit way to make extra cash with dedicated forums on MSE and articles in The Guardian.

I’d recommend signing up to somewhere like Profit Accumulator as they give you clear and easy instructions on how to get started. They have a free trial and if you sign up after that at around £20 a month, you’ll easily make that money back and then some with Matched Betting.

Matched Betting winnings are exempt from tax so no need to declare them to HMRC. However, if you’ve ever had issues around gambling this is not the side hustle for you.

Help Pay For Your Wedding Freelance Writing

As well as blogging, freelance writing is one of the main ways I make money from. I have a few regular clients I work for and I also advertise on sites such as Fiverr and People Per Hour.

Freelance writing is a great side hustle as it can easily fit in around other things such as a full-time job or kids. You can also specify a turnaround time which will allow you a few days to get the content created.


I love blogging. It’s the main way I earn a living, but my first blog did start out as a simple side-hustle. I’ve seen people say you shouldn’t start a blog just to make money but that’s exactly what I did.

I wanted it to eventually be my full-time job and over the last five years, I’ve put in the time and effort to get there. I think as long as you’re passionate about the subject you’re writing about then it’s fine to want to make money too. I’ve won awards for my content while still collaborating with brands on sponsored posts.

Now, making money from a blog does take time. So it’s not something you’re likely to make money with immediately. But if your wedding is more than a year away there’s definitely a chance you could start making money during that time.

And once you get set up there’s nothing to stop you from carrying on with after your wedding too.

I have a dedicated post on ‘how to set up a wedding blog‘ which can actually be used to set up any type of blog.

It’s worth noting that starting a blog does incur some fees such as hosting costs and purchasing a domain name.

Selling on Etsy

There are so many different things you can sell on Etsy. If you’d prefer a business that’s focused on being crafty and creative, rather than writing, this might be the side hustle for you.

Here some things you could try selling Etsy:

  • Wax Melts
  • Printables
  • Macrame
  • Knitted Items
  • Candles
  • Craft Supplies
  • Painting / Drawing
  • Pet Portraits

Of course, there may be some start-up costs involved and it can take a little while for Etsy shops to become established so it might be worth selling your products via social media too.

Remember to account for extras such as packaging and price accordingly to cover materials and your time.

Drop-Shipping Could Help Pay For Your Wedding

If you’ve always had a great idea for a t-shirt or mug brand, drop-shipping could be a great way to give that a go without holding stock or need to buy any equipment. You create and upload your designs and then your chosen dropshipping company do the rest – they print the t-shirt or mug on your behalf and then send it out to the buyer.

While profits for this type of business can be quite small, it’s also a fairly passive way to earn money. Once the initial set-up is done you can continue to earn without needing to do a lot. You could sell via Etsy, Instagram or even set up your own website.

Cleaning / Ironing

Lots of people hate cleaning and ironing or it’s something they simply don’t have time to do. If these are things you love to do then get paid to do them.

Setting up a small cleaning or ironing business is simple and you can use Facebook marketplace to advertise locally.

Help Pay For Your Wedding With Market Research

I love doing market research. It’s often quick and easy to do and it pays really well – hour sessions often pay around £50.

There are different types of market research. Some tasks can be done easily from your phone – you simply answer a few questions. Other sessions may be online, in person or conducted over the phone and these are the sessions that tend to command higher fees.

My personal favourites companies for market research are Askable and People for Research although there are plenty of other companies out there.

There is absolutely no denying that weddings are expensive. If you're recently engaged and baulking at how much everything is going to cost, then you might want to consider starting a few side hustles to help pay for your wedding.

Online Surveys

Online surveys have a bit of a reputation for being crap pay. And generally speaking, they are. If you like to do something while watching TV or to fill commuting time then online surveys are an easy way to make a little bit of cash, however, there are lots of side-hustles that will earn you considerably more.

That said, some sites do pay better than others. My top three are:



Pinecone Research.

Before getting started with surveys it’s worth remembering they often have payout minimums meaning you’ll need to earn that amount before you can get paid.

Also not every survey site is always taking on new members so you might not be able to sign up immediately.

Help Pay For Your Wedding by Renting out a Room / Parking Space

If you already own a home with your partner you could rent out a room to make some extra money. This is a very popular side hustle where I live as there is huge demand because of a massive construction project nearby.

Many contractors use their room during the week and then return home to their families at the weekend, meaning people get time alone during the weekends when they’re more likely to be at home anyway. You can earn as much as £7500 per year doing this and not need to pay any tax – see the website for more details.

If you don’t a room to let, another option could be to rent out your driveway or parking space. This is less intrusive but still quite profitable and people use this service because it’s often cheaper than paying for parking in a city or town centre. There are lots of providers that can facilitate with this service including

Side Hustles and Tax

Whether or not you need to pay tax on your side hustle will depend on what the side hustle is and how much you earn from it.

Matched betting is Tax-Free. Renting out a room can be tax free up to £7500 although do double check your exact circumstances before getting started.

The government does have an allowance of up to £1000 for those running small side hustles, so if your turnover is under £1000 you won’t need to pay any extra tax. Over that though and you’ll need to register as self-employed and fill out a tax return.

This article from the Money Advice Service explains things further.

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