Combating Loneliness At Christmas Time

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Christmas can be a difficult time of year for many people – especially those with little or no family or those who are isolated. In this post I am going to look at ways we can all help combat loneliness this Christmas – whether it’s know how to reach out to others when we feel alone or helping others in our community that might be struggling.

As many as one million older people in the U.K can go as long as a month without speaking to anyone according to Age U.K and it’s times like Christmas that people will be feeling that loneliness more acutely. Spotting the signs of loneliness, recognising when we need help ourselves and offering friendship to those who need it most are all ways we can help combat loneliness, especially over the festive period.

Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

One of the easiest ways to tackle loneliness close to home is by getting to know your neighbours. Getting to know each other can help create a sense of community and allow those who may need help to feel they can reach it out and ask for help when it’s needed.

Coffee and Cake

Offer to take older members of your family out – even if it’s just for a quick coffee at a local cafe or even the supermarket. It can help to break up their day if they wouldn’t usually be able to get out and about much.

Cards and Letters

Christmas Cards are a great way to help older folks feel more included in family life -I know most of them probably send them anyway but try to add a letter about what you have been doing, especially if you have children. I always try and include a few recent family photographs too -these can be printed so cheaply online and could mean the world to someone that doesn’t use Facebook or Instagram. Letters will probably be kept and reread so it’s really worth making the effort.

Friendly Chit Chat

You don’t have to engage with those you know to make a difference in someone’s life. Try chatting to an older person if they are on their own – whether it’s at the supermarket, the local shop, in the pub or even if they are just pottering about in their front garden. You could make a huge difference to their day, just by asking how they are.

Community Party

Taking things a step further you could organize a gathering for your neighbours or your community. Invite everyone and those who you might not realize are lonely will be able to join in and speak to people.


Join in with the Spare Chair initiative – whereby families are matched with people who have no-one to spend Christmas day with so they can all enjoy Christmas lunch together.

Pick up the phone

Picking up the phone and actually giving someone a call could make the world of difference this Christmas time. We all tend to text nowadays and forget that some people still like a good chat on the blower!

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