How To Win A Honeymoon

How To Win A Honeymoon

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When wedding costs are starting to mount up, you might be wondering how you’re ever going to afford a honeymoon. While there are lots of options such as asking for money towards your honeymoon as a wedding gift and taking a honeymoon a year after your wedding, today I’m taking a look at whether it’s possible to win a honeymoon.

I’ve previously written about how you could win a wedding by entering wedding competitions.  You could also win parts of your wedding by entering smaller competitions to win a dress, food, transportation or anything else you might need.

You could also try your luck with winning a honeymoon, but there are a few things you should consider before giving it a try.

What To Consider Before Trying To Win A Honeymoon

Essentially, a honeymoon is a holiday so it’s likely they’ll be much higher entry rates, meaning less chance of you winning than there would be when trying to win wedding related items.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give winning a honeymoon a try though, just be aware of how much time you’re prepared to dedicate to it with everything else you’ll have going on. Also, remember there is no guarantee you’ll win – see it as a bit of fun or relaxing holiday.

Make sure you’re entering competitions for holidays that you really want to go on and that would suit you and your partner. Additionally, make sure you can both enter that country too – for example, the USA can be quite strict about allowing people with previous criminal records into the country.

It would be awful to win and then not be able to go!

Be aware even if you do win you may still need to pay for part of the holiday such as flights or spending money.

How To Win A Honeymoon

How To Win A Honeymoon: Where to find competitions

When you first start trying to win a honeymoon, you may want to set up a new Twitter account and email address just for comping. This is so your personal email doesn’t end up getting bombarded.

There are plenty of places online you can find competitions to win all sorts of things, including holidays. There also may occasionally be competitions aimed at newlyweds to win a honeymoon, look out for these as they are likely to have lower entries.

Most of the sites listed below have search features that should help you find what you’re looking for.

Loquax – Loquax is known as the UK’s competition portal and there are plenty of competitions to be found there.

Money Saving Expert – Head over the MSE forum for a huge range of competitions. Do have a quick read of the forum rules before getting started as they can be quite strict about what you can post.

Competition Database Another place to find competitions.

Super Lucky – Di Coke who runs Super Lucky is the queen of all things comping. Her blog is a great place to start for comping tips and advice as well as lists of current competitions.

Twitter – Twitter is probably one of my most successful places for comping – use the hashtags #competition #giveaway and #winitwednesday to find competitions to enter.

Beware of Fake Competitions

While Facebook does seem to have cracked down on these recently, there are still lots of fake competitions out there, and often they are to win a holiday somewhere exotic. These are most prolific on Facebook.

To check if a Facebook competition is legit: 

  • Scroll through the page – if it’s been created in the last two weeks it’s probably fake. Legitimate companies will have been going a long time and have lots of posts going back years.
  • Look for the blue tick, especially for well-known companies such as TUI and Disney.
  • Often fake companies will ask you to sign up to be entered to win the holiday. Your details will almost certainly be sold on and you could be bombarded with unwanted calls and emails.
  • The post says the last winner didn’t claim their prize because they were too young.

Think Outside of The Box

When entering competitions to win a honeymoon, it’s a good idea to think outside the box.

While it can be tempting to only look for holidays to exotic climes, try looking for city breaks, adventure holidays and everything else in between.

You also look at trying to win cash which covers the cost of a honeymoon.

How To Win A Honeymoon: Final Tips

  • Enter as many competitions as you can. Storing your info in your browser can make this much quicker and easier to do.
  • Decide how much time and effort you want to dedicate to comping.
  • Be consistent – the more you enter the higher your chances of winning.
  • Look for low entry competitions such as those with local travel agents.
  • High effort comps, such as those where you have to send in a picture or write a poem tend to have significantly lower entries.