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Wedding Savings Trackers

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If you’re planning a big wedding then saving up the money needed can seem like a daunting task. It may mean sacrificing holidays or social events to save the cash needed or you made be side-hustling like mad to bring in some extra moolah.

One thing I would advise if you are saving up for a wedding is a dedicated wedding savings account. Basic savings accounts can be opened quickly and easily online. Having the money completely separate should help you see how much you’ve saved and be a good incentive to keep going. Alternatively, if you use Monzo you could have a dedicated ‘pot’ for your wedding funds.

While saving into a bank account is all very well, I know some people like to have a visual representation of their savings, which is where my wedding savings trackers below come in.

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Wedding Trackers

These can be stuck somewhere you can see them (such as the fridge or your desk!) and will hopefully help you be mindful of your savings goals. I have created the trackers in three dedicated amounts (£500, £5000 and £25,000) – I know everyone’s planned wedding budget will differ and every couple will have different amounts they want to save up to spend on their wedding.

You could also tick off the money you’ve been gifted towards your wedding or include any savings your already have if you like.

The trackers are easy to use. Simply download and fill in as you save or make each amount towards your wedding. You can round up or down a little if you would like to or carry over the difference as and when. Seeing what you’re saving can really have a positive impact on your mindset.

Wedding Tracker Save £500 – Click Here To Download

Wedding Tracker Save £500 – Click To Download

Wedding Tracker save £25000 – Click To Download