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    DIY Wedding Stationary Projects

    This is a sponsored post When it comes to your wedding, there are lots of ways to save money. One of the ways you can save is by doing lots of DIY. Making lots of the items for your wedding yourself also means that they can be more personal and exactly fit the theme of your wedding. Lots of people decide to make their own wedding stationery such as invites, place cards, table numbers, seating plans and the order of service.

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    5 Side Hustles you can do as a couple

    Setting goals as a couple can be very rewarding, especially if saving up for something that you both want, such as a wedding or a house deposit. Making Money together means you can motivate each other as you go and then enjoy the rewards together too.

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    Things To Consider When Moving Your Business

    As your small business expands there may come a time when you think about moving to bigger premises. It could be that your home office has become too small and you need to expand into a proper office space, or you could be moving to different premises entirely. While this can seem scary it’s often a necessary leap to grow your business.

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    Making Money After Your Wedding

    If you’re feeling the post-wedding or honeymoon blues there are a few ways you can cheer yourself up. If money is tight then you could consider making some money from your wedding – this could include anything from selling item on to other brides to starting a wedding blog. You could then use the money to treat yourself and your partner to a mini-break or spa day. It will also give you something to focus on if you’re missing the planning side of things.